20th Anniversary Poems

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20th Anniversary Poems20th Anniversary Poems

20th anniversary gift ideas20th anniversary gift ideas

Poems for 20th wedding anniversaryPoems for 20th wedding anniversary

If that is Thinking outside the box a bit more – you could take your spouse on a second honeymoon to China! Maybe you could treat your spouse to a fancy china dinner set or vase. Following the traditional gift list – china is the symbol for this year. You could even make this into a slide show on your computer.

Make sure to gather pictures from holidays, homes you have lived in, pets, children and anything else that has special meaning to you. It will allow you to express a personal note in the engraved sentiment as well as being a practical gift. Perhaps an engraved frame/scrapbook to store all of their memories from the last 20 years. You could even make something yourself. Whether you are looking for a male or female gift idea but this will fit well as a unisex present!

A platinum watch would fit the bill in terms of nice and symbolic gift (symbolizes the passage of time). Platinum is considered to be the modern anniversary symbols for 20 years of marriage. Go and create some new memories! The main thing is to give your partner the chance to get away from all the every-day stresses such as kids and work. You could take them to a cute B&B if that is your style, or maybe on a cruise instead.

Plan an anniversary getaway for your spouse. Here are four great ideas for 20 year anniversary gifts. Stop worrying, it is all under control! But you are stuck for a 20th wedding anniversary gift idea?

So you are celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss?