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50th Wedding Anniversary Poems

50th Wedding Anniversary Poems50th Wedding Anniversary Poems

50th Anniversary Poems Verses50th Anniversary Poems Verses

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There is sometimes a simple alternative to finding wedding anniversary verses, and that is to write your own. The thought of writing verses or poems can be an intimidating one. The following is the top 10 tips to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Music. Do you like music? Have any favorite love songs? Using the lyrics for ideas is a good starting point. Before you even start trying to write your wedding anniversary verses, listen to some classic love songs.

2. Love notes, letters, emails, cards… What have you got that you already wrote? Maybe love letters from a few years ago now, but you can use the general feeling behind those words.

3. Make a list. Ask yourself questions – why do you love them? What are some of their little habits that only you know? What makes them unique? Why did you fall in love with them?

4. Romantic poetry. Have a look at some of Shakespeare’s work. There are many talented poets with great love poetry for you to draw ideas from.

5. Find a peaceful spot. Just sit and relax. Let your mind wander. You will be surprised at how being relaxed helps the ideas to flow.

6. Write something down. Write anything – just start. Write your name, your spouses name, ideas will just start coming to you. Starting is the important thing.

7. Adapt a poem. Change it so it’s truly yours. It can be sometimes easier to adapt something than to start from scratch.

8. Have small goals. You are not in a race (unless your anniversary is tomorrow!) Take your time, just look up lyrics or poems on day one. Write just one line a day thereafter… with small goals exceeding them will be easy! And you will have created lovely wedding anniversary verses from the heart – which is the next point.

9. Write from the heart. You might not win a poem contest. But if what you write is from the heart, it is a much greater gift. Another very good reason to write your own anniversary verses.

10. Present your wedding anniversary verses nicely. Why go to all this effort to write from the heart and then give them on a scrap bit of paper? Handwritten is nice, but if you have really bad writing maybe typing them up is better.

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